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Can your financial system implementations handle these?

Do you struggle with your accounts when your business operates from multiple locations? Looking for freedom to use your financial system even from home? Is your accounting system able to do online reconciliation with bank for verifications of credit card transactions? How about integration with web-based POS system to categorize income by cash sales, voucher, partial payments, credit cards and other payment modes?

Own the only financial system built on 17 lengthy years of experience, carefully combining all  functions of existing accounting software in Malaysia and Thailand with thorough research on the needs of professionals in the financial field. Powered by Webixs web-based engine Webixs Financial System empowers you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. No need to step into office just to view reports or issue invoices.

Webixs also provides easy integration with other Webixs modules like Inventory, Merchandising reports for better visibility of your business.

Feel free to download our Accounting & Inventory list of features.

Cash Book

  • Bank Entry
  • Cash Entry
  • General Entry
  • Bank Statement Matching

Account Payable (AP) / Account Receivable (AR)

  • Invoice
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Payment / Receipt
  • Adjustment
  • Contra
  • Cash Bill
  • Transfer
  • Post Date Cheque
  • Automation Handling on bad debts relief




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Features and Benefits

  • Web-based and Fully Online System : Work anywhere, anytime with instant, real-time information for critical decision making
  • Post-Dated Cheques features : Do you consider post-dated cheques as credit limits? Different client has different accounting practise, Webixs caters to satisfy clients with Webixs highly configurable system.
  • Linking with Inventory : Reduce redundancies and double manual work by integrating with Webixs Inventory system.