Webixs Inventory System plus Merchandising

Stocks overloading your warehouse? And customers seeing “Out of Stock” labels most of the time?

Webixs Inventory System plus Merchandising solves them all! This combination is created for total stock controls, minimizes losses due to over-stock and maximizes turnover for fast moving goods.

It is an online system enabling management to have instant, real-time stock reports wherever needed, whenever critical. Webixs Merchandising module generates advanced stocks, sales and transactional reports as well as auto ordering information empowering your Purchasing Department makes the best time-critical decision to effectively deal with cost management.

This system can be easily integrated with other Webixs modules like Accounting and WebPOS – for total control over your business expansion.

Feel free to download our Accounting & Inventory list of features.


Inventory Master File

  • Advanced Creditor
  • Advanced Debtor
  • Brand
  • Category
  • Product Group
  • Customer Preplan
  • Supplier Preplan
  • Delivery to Address

Inventory Transaction Entry

    • Customer Bill
    • Customer Order
    • Supplier Bill
    • Supplier Order
    • Store Note
    • Store Adjustment
    • Automation Handling on 21 Days rule



Inventory Report





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Features and Benefits

  • Online Stocks Overview: View your stocks movements in multiple locations with online, real-time reports, even right at home!
  • Copy and Import Documents plus Data Exchange: Reduce redundancies and minimize mistakes as well as ability to import/export documents to large customers like hypermarkets
  • Extensive Customized Analysis with Multi-Layer Data View: Multiple reports on stocks combined with advanced analysis to view stocks by brand, model colour, and size

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